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      DDMTD: disable reverse option, it needs to be coupled with relevant changes to wrpc-sw · 1ba2258d
      Maciej Lipinski authored
      Apparently, this is helpful for WRS-FL v1.5. Explanation from Hongming:
      From: hongming
      Sent: 30 November 2023 01:24
      To: Maciej Marek Lipinski
      Subject: 回复: Re:WRS-FL integration into next WRS firmware release
      hi maciej
      > we do not fully see/understand how changing g_reverse_dmtd to false
      > could help in the problem you described. We need to discuss this change
      > (which is quite serious) before proceeding
      As you may see, we've changed the VCXO of helper PLL in new HW.
      There are two search direction for PLL, corresponding to two frequency
      relation between help clock and main/ext clock.
      As far as I remember, if the frequency of help clock is higher than
      main/ext clock, it should use help clock sampling main/ext clock, while
      if if the frequency of help clock is lower than main/ext clock, it should
      do the opposite.
      In our actual test, the actual frequency of VCXO may be slower than the
      claimed frequency. The help VCXO cannot reach the supposed value if we
      require the frequency of help clock to be higher than main/ext clock.
      What we observed it that in previous settings, the dac output of help
      clock reaches to be 64000+ when the dac output of main clock is 30000.
      After changing the g_reverse_dmtd and searching direction of help PLL,
      the dac output of help clock reaches to be 16500+ when the dac output
      of main clock is 30000.
      When we look at the hardware implementation to find out the reason, we
      have the following information:
      - We choose VCXO with a pull range of +-100ppm, without considerating
        the frequency statbility, making the actual APR to be only +-45ppm.
      - What's worse is that the Supply Voltage of VCXO is 3.3V and our DAC's
        maximun output is 2.5V.
      In current WR implementation, N=16384, which means that we need a VCXO
      with APR of 61ppm.
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      CI: update Manifest.py and YML file · bd0d0d31
      Maciej Lipinski authored
      - Before syn: add execution of script to generate files with repo versions
      - After syn: add generation of bin file
      - synthesize 8 ports always
      - synthesize 18 ports when called manually
      - simulate when called manually
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      LJ: improve/generalize Low-Jitter functionality detection/handling · a9b9ce21
      Maciej Lipinski authored
      - change signal names to more meaningful
        lj_detected_o / lj_present_o to lj_ext_gm_pll_pres_o / lj_ext_gm_clk_diff_o
        lj_rev_id_i to lj_periph_id_i
      - added pull-ups to lj_periph_id_i to make sure its "111" when unused
      - made the selection of LJ-related peripheral more generic
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      LJ: Rename LJD to LJ, Low-Jitter functionality not specific only to the LJ Daughterboard · 33a5c699
      Maciej Lipinski authored
      The Low-Jitter functionality is now integrated on some versions of the
      main board of the WRS. As such, we need to detect the LJ functionality
      itself, not a board with it. Renamed from LJD to LJ for clarity.
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      add support for WRS-LJ. · 87f02277
      li hongming authored
          There are three types of wrs: normal wrs(mark as wrs), wrs with LJD
      (mark as WRS-LJD), wrs with embedded lowjitter circuits(mark as WRSLJ).
          lj_loopback_i/o is used to distinguish wrs from WRS-LJD and WRSLJ.
          lj_osc_freq_i is used to distinguish WRSLJ from WRS-LJD.
              lj_osc_freq_i=111 means WRSLJ.
              lj_osc_freq_i=others means WRS-LJD.
          lj_osc_freq_i[2 downto 0] need to be pulled up.
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