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4. In the newly created output dir there now is a BOOT.bin. This file can now be flashed in QSPI memory (mt25ql256-qspi-x8-dual_parallel) with this script. The script assumes a local JTAG connection is made with the spec7.
vivado -mode tcl -source ./Flash_QSPI_JTAG.tcl
To use a remote hardware server with ipv4 addres <SERVER_IP> use:
program_flash -f ./output/BOOT.bin -fsbl ./output/zynq_fsbl.elf -flash_type qspi-x8-dual_parallel -blank_check -url tcp:<SERVER_IP>:3121
5. After flashing the QSPI memory, the design will be automaticly loaded after a POR event. Either by pressing the 'S5' Button or triggering an SMBus reset event on the PCIe connector.
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