Commit 4ebfaf4f authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold

testsuite: add tests for incorrect tools.

parent 75dbfdde
action = "synthesis"
language = "vhdl"
syn_device = "xc7z030"
syn_grade = "-2"
syn_package = "ffg676"
syn_top = "gate"
syn_project = "gate.xise"
syn_tool = "nosynth"
files = [ "../files/gate.vhdl" ]
action = "simulation"
top_module = "gate3_tb"
files = [ "../files/gate3.vhd", "../files/gate.vhdl", "../files/gate3_tb.v" ]
......@@ -456,6 +456,16 @@ def test_err_syn_top():
def test_extra_modules():
def test_err_syntool():
with pytest.raises(SystemExit) as _:
run([], path="084bad_syn")
assert False
def test_err_simtool():
with pytest.raises(SystemExit) as _:
run([], path="085bad_sim")
assert False
def test_xfail():
"""This is a self-consistency test: the test is known to fail"""
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