Commit 17f86de3 authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold minor rewrite.

parent b94cc58d
......@@ -103,13 +103,14 @@ TOP_MODULE := {top_module}
"""Print dummy targets to handle file dependencies"""
fileset = self.fileset.sort()
for file_aux in fileset:
if any(isinstance(file_aux, file_type)
for file_type in self._hdl_files):
self.write("%s: %s" % (self.get_stamp_file(file_aux), file_aux.rel_path()))
# Consider only HDL files.
if isinstance(file_aux, tuple(self._hdl_files)):
self.write("{}: {}".format(self.get_stamp_file(file_aux), file_aux.rel_path()))
# list dependencies, do not include the target file
for dep_file in sorted([dfile for dfile in file_aux.depends_on
if dfile is not file_aux],
key=(lambda x: x.file_path)):
for dep_file in sorted(file_aux.depends_on, key=(lambda x: x.file_path)):
if dep_file is file_aux:
# Do not depend on itself.
if dep_file in fileset:
self.write(" \\\n" + self.get_stamp_file(dep_file))
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