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......@@ -11,14 +11,10 @@ There are two options for the users, in order to run these tests. First is to ru
## Requirements
- [hdlmake](
- [ghdl](
- [OSVVM]( version 2020.05+
## Set up environment
- Modify the file **/usr/local/lib/ghdl/vendors/** by adding the OSVVM path (in OSVVM_settings change the Installation Directory)
- Compile OSVVM:
/usr/local/lib/ghdl/vendors/compile-osvvm --all
- OSVVM is a dependency for most of these testbenches. It is already included as a git submodule. Therefore, it is necessary to run at least once `git submodule update --init` before running these testbenches.
## How to test
hdlmake makefile
......@@ -29,7 +25,3 @@ make
./ --wave=waveform.ghw
## Maintainer
- [Konstantinos Blantos](
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