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doc/performance_report: add test programs

Signed-off-by: 's avatarAdam Wujek <>
parent e858f3ba
SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2020-2022 CERN
import pytest
import subprocess
import time
import re
import os
from PyFmcTdc import FmcTdc
class PulseGenerator(object):
def __init__(self, id): = id
def disable(self, ch):
def generate_pulse(self, ch, rel_time_us,
period_ns, count, sync):
class SCPI(PulseGenerator):
def __init__(self, scpi_id):
super(SCPI, self).__init__(scpi_id)
import pyvisa
self.mgr = pyvisa.ResourceManager()
self.instr = self.mgr.open_resource(
self.instr.timeout = 10000
self.instr.read_termination = '\n'
self.instr.write_termination = '\n'
self.instr.write("INITIATE:CONTINUOUS OFF")
self.instr.write("OUTPUT:STATE OFF")
def disable(self, ch):
self.instr.write("OUTPUT:STATE OFF")
def generate_pulse(self, ch, rel_time_us,
period_ns, count, sync):
self.instr.write("OUTPUT:STATE OFF")
# START Custom Agilent 33600A commands
self.instr.write("SOURCE:BURST:STATE OFF")
# END Custom Agilent 33600A commands
self.instr.write("SOURCE:PULSE:WIDTH 101ns")
self.instr.write("SOURCE:PULSE:PERIOD {:d}ns".format(period_ns))
# START Custom Agilent 33600A commands
self.instr.write("TRIGGER:DELAY {:d}e-6".format(rel_time_us))
burst_period_ns = int(count/(1/period_ns)) + 500
self.instr.write("SOURCE:BURST:INTERNAL:PERIOD {:d}ns".format(burst_period_ns))
self.instr.write("SOURCE:BURST:NCYCLES {:d}".format(count))
self.instr.write("SOURCE:BURST:STATE ON")
# END Custom Agilent 33600A commands
self.instr.write("OUTPUT:STATE ON")
if sync:
class FmcFineDelay(PulseGenerator):
def __init__(self, fd_id):
super(FmcFineDelay, self).__init__(fd_id)
def disable(self, ch):
if < 0:
# don't configure the fine delay
cmd = ["/usr/local/bin/fmc-fdelay-pulse",
"-d", "0x{:x}".format(,
"-o", str(ch),
"-m", "disable",
proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd)
def generate_pulse(self, ch, rel_time_us,
period_ns, count, sync):
if < 0:
# don't configure the fine delay
cmd = ["/usr/local/bin/fmc-fdelay-pulse",
"-d", "0x{:x}".format(,
"-o", str(ch),
"-m", "pulse",
"-r", "{:d}u".format(rel_time_us),
"-T", "{:d}n".format(period_ns),
"-w", "{:d}n".format(100),
"-c", str(count),
proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd)
if sync:
time.sleep(1 + 2 * (period_ns * count) / 1000000000.0)
def fmcfd():
if pytest.fd_id is not None:
gen = FmcFineDelay(pytest.fd_id)
elif pytest.scpi is not None:
gen = SCPI(pytest.scpi)
yield gen
if isinstance(gen, FmcFineDelay):
for ch in range(FmcFineDelay.CHANNEL_NUMBER):
gen.disable(ch + 1)
elif isinstance(gen, SCPI):
def fmctdc():
tdc = FmcTdc(pytest.tdc_id)
for ch in tdc.chan:
ch.enable = False
ch.termination = False
ch.timestamp_mode = "post"
yield tdc
def pytest_addoption(parser):
parser.addoption("--tdc-id-ch", type=str, default=None,
help="Comma separated pairs of TDC Linux Identifier and channel. E.g. \"0x4:1,0x4:2:0x5:1\" selects channels 1 and 2 on a TDC with the identifier 0x4 and channels 1 on a TDC with the identifier 0x5")
parser.addoption("--tdc-wr-on", action="store_true", default=False,
help="Enable White Rabbit for all TDC cards")
parser.addoption("--tdc-wr-off", action="store_true", default=False,
help="Disable White Rabbit for all TDC cards")
parser.addoption("--fd-id", type=lambda x : int(x, 16), default=None,
help="Fmc Fine-Delay Linux Identifier")
parser.addoption("--fd-id-ch", type=str, default=None,
help="Comma separated pairs of TDC Linux Identifier and channel. E.g. \"0x4:1,0x4:2:0x5:1\" selects channels 1 and 2 on a TDC with the identifier 0x4 and channels 1 on a TDC with the identifier 0x5")
parser.addoption("--fd-skip-config", action="store_true", default=False,
help="Don't change Fine-Delay configuration. Using it, will fail most of the tests.")
parser.addoption("--scpi", type=str, default=None,
help="SCPI Connection String")
parser.addoption("--dump-range", type=int, default=10,
help="Timestamps to show before and after an error")
parser.addoption("--channel", type=int, default=[],
action="append", choices=range(FmcTdc.CHANNEL_NUMBER),
help="Channel(s) to be used for acquisition tests. Default all channels")
parser.addoption("--usr-acq-count", type=int, default=0,
help="Number of pulses to generate during a acquisition test.")
parser.addoption("--usr-acq-period-ns", type=int, default=0,
help="Pulses period (ns) during a acquisition test.")
parser.addoption("--bin-min-ps", type=int, default=0,
help="Minimum value of histogram in ps")
parser.addoption("--bin-max-ps", type=int, default=0,
help="Maximum value of histogram in ps")
parser.addoption("--bins-num", type=int, default=0,
help="Number of bins for histogram")
parser.addoption("--dump-samples", action="store_true", default=False,
help="Save timestamps of acquired samples")
parser.addoption("--dump-histogram", type=str, default=None,
help="SCPI Connection String")
parser.addoption("--histogram-file", type=str, default=None,
help="File to store histogram data")
parser.addoption("--samples-file", type=str, default=None,
help="File to store timestamps of acquired samples")
parser.addoption("--compare-relative-to-first-channel", action="store_true", default=False,
help="Compare samples from all channels with the first channel on the list")
def pytest_configure(config):
#pytest.tdc_id = config.getoption("--tdc-id")
pytest.fd_id = config.getoption("--fd-id")
fd_id_ch = config.getoption("--fd-id-ch")
if fd_id_ch != None:
pytest.fd_id, pytest.fd_ch = fd_id_ch.split(":")
pytest.fd_id = int(pytest.fd_id, 0)
pytest.fd_ch = int(pytest.fd_ch, 0)
tdc_id_ch = config.getoption("--tdc-id-ch")
if tdc_id_ch != None:
pytest.tdc_id_list = []
pytest.tdc_id_ch_list = []
for tdc_id_ch_pair_str in tdc_id_ch.split(","):
tdc_id_param, tdc_ch_param = tdc_id_ch_pair_str.split(":")
pytest.tdc_id_ch_list.append((int(tdc_id_param, 0), int(tdc_ch_param, 0)))
if not int(tdc_id_param, 0) in pytest.tdc_id_list:
pytest.tdc_id_list.append(int(tdc_id_param, 0))
pytest.scpi = config.getoption("--scpi")
if config.getoption("--fd-skip-config"):
if pytest.fd_id != None:
raise Exception("You cannot use --fd-id and --fd-skip-config at the same time")
pytest.fd_id = -1
if pytest.scpi is None and pytest.fd_id is None:
raise Exception("You must set --fd-id, --fd-skip-config or --scpi")
pytest.channels = config.getoption("--channel")
if len(pytest.channels) == 0:
pytest.channels = range(FmcTdc.CHANNEL_NUMBER)
if len(pytest.channels) != 1 and pytest.scpi is not None:
raise Exception("With --scpi we can test only the channel connected to the Waveform generator. Set --channel")
pytest.tdc_use_wr = config.getoption("--tdc-wr-on")
if not pytest.tdc_use_wr:
if config.getoption("--tdc-wr-off"):
pytest.tdc_use_wr = False
pytest.tdc_use_wr = None
pytest.usr_acq = (config.getoption("--usr-acq-period-ns"),
pytest.dump_range = config.getoption("--dump-range")
pytest.transfer_mode = None
pytest.carrier = None
pytest.samples_file = config.getoption("--samples-file")
pytest.histogram_file = config.getoption("--histogram-file")
pytest.histogram_bins_n = config.getoption("--bins-num")
pytest.histogram_bin_min_ps = config.getoption("--bin-min-ps")
pytest.histogram_bin_max_ps = config.getoption("--bin-max-ps")
pytest.compare_relative_first_channel = config.getoption("--compare-relative-to-first-channel")
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2020 CERN
addopts = -v -p no:cacheprovider
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