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Ensure functionality of WRPC testbench (testbench/wrc_core)

Andela Kostic requested to merge wrpc-v5-sim-works into wrpc-v5

The following files are changed to ensure the functionality of the WRPC testbench located in "testbench/wrc_core" folder of the wrpc-core repository:

  • wrc_main_sim.c
  • arch/risc-v/crt0.S
  • arch/risc-v/crt0.h
  • dev/endpoint.c
  • configs/wrpc_sim_riscv_defconfig

Before compiling wrpc-sw for simulation, choose wrpc_sim_riscv_defconfig configuration.

In endpoint.c, delay function is commented out in the case of simulation. In wrc_main_sim.c, passing information from the testbench to risc-v's software is fixed and mini-NIC component is initialized correctly. Also, now the program doesn't print the error message when the Rx FIFO of mini-NIC is empty, but waits until there is something in the Rx FIFO, and then continues with checking the correctness of the received frame.

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