Commit 90be31a5 authored by Evangelia Gousiou's avatar Evangelia Gousiou Committed by Dimitris Lampridis

syn: constraints path correction

parent 025c2a5d
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ NET "inst_spec_base/*cmp_ddr_ctrl_bank3/*/memc3_mcb_raw_wrapper_inst/ioi_drp_clk
NET "inst_spec_base/cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/gen_with_dma.cmp_dma_controller/dma_async_*" TNM = FFS "dma_ffs";
NET "inst_spec_base/gen_with_gennum.cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/gen_with_dma.cmp_dma_controller/dma_async_*" TNM = FFS "dma_ffs";
TIMESPEC TS_dma_async_ffs = FROM dma_ffs TO pci_clk 15ns DATAPATHONLY;
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