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# OHW research
# Open Hardware Research Collaboration
This repository contains public research materials for the study of the CERN
"Open Hardware Initiative." In addition to bibliographic references, papers and
drafts, we also deposited here all the open research data we produced.
The goal of our collaboration is to examine how Free and Open Source development
models are used in the context of large-scale research centers for assembling
critical research infrastructures.
For details about our project, [please visit our wiki page.](
## Contacts
- L. F. R. Murillo (
- Pietari Kauttu (
Study of the “Open Hardware Initiative” at CERN with a focus on the technologies of participation that were mobilized to assemble critical infrastructure for basic research in high energy physics.
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# CERN Open Hardware Survey 2017
This repository contains the research materials of the 'CERN Open Hardware
Survey'. This survey was conducted by Pietari Kauttu for CERN-KT on public OH
mailing-lists from August 27, 2016 until January 11, 2017.
Please refer to the Zenodo repository for the complete reference of the data we
deposited here:
Kauttu, Pietari and Murillo, L.F. R.. 2017. "CERN Open Hardware Survey
2017." DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3354621
For more information about the survey, [please refer to our wiki
## Contacts
- Pietari Kauttu (
- L. F. R. Murillo (
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