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......@@ -21,6 +21,10 @@ The *.bit file is used to program the FPGA one-off, i.e. the image of the firmwa
The *.mcs file is used to flash the EEPROM of the FPGA with a permament version of the firmware. This allows the TLU to automatically load this image at start-up.
The XML file is needed to correctly map the FPGA internal registers to the corresponding functions in the software. This file only changes when major modifications are included in the firmware.
The procedure to program the FPGA and the EEPROM are described in the [TLU manual](
It is always possible to compile the firmware to obtain the *.bit and *.mcs files. This is explained in the next section.
### Building Firmware
The master firmware uses the [ipbb]( build tool, and requires the ipbus system firmware.
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