Commit a9306cba authored by Theodor-Adrian Stana's avatar Theodor-Adrian Stana

hdl: Made manual pulse triggering safer

This was done by reading the whole value of the 8-bit MPT field
after the magic sequence is input. Before, only the number of bits
corresponding to the number of channels at the input was read, which
could result in a pulse being generated when a wrong channel value with
a "correct" mask is input to the field, as for example:

- on the six-channel CONV-TTL-BLO, 0x9 in MPT gets masked on three bits to 0x1,
thus a pulse is generated on CH1
Signed-off-by: Theodor-Adrian Stana's avatarTheodor Stana <>
parent b488cf13
......@@ -143,9 +143,7 @@ architecture behav of conv_man_trig is
-- Signal for the current state of the FSM
signal state : t_state;
-- "Password" and channel number signals
signal pass : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0);
signal chnr : std_logic_vector(f_log2_size(g_nr_chan)-1 downto 0);
-- Counter to extend the pulse to the needed number of channels
signal cnt : unsigned(f_log2_size(g_gf_len)-1 downto 0);
......@@ -156,11 +154,6 @@ begin
-- FSM logic
-- First, assign the password, channel enable and channel number signals
pass <= reg_i;
chnr <= reg_i(f_log2_size(g_nr_chan)-1 downto 0);
-- Then, the process for the FSM
p_fsm : process (clk_i)
if rising_edge(clk_i) then
......@@ -172,17 +165,17 @@ begin
case state is
when IDLE =>
trig_o <= (others => '0');
f_change_state(reg_ld_i, pass, 0, state, PASS1);
f_change_state(reg_ld_i, reg_i, 0, state, PASS1);
when PASS1 =>
f_change_state(reg_ld_i, pass, 1, state, PASS2);
f_change_state(reg_ld_i, reg_i, 1, state, PASS2);
when PASS2 =>
f_change_state(reg_ld_i, pass, 2, state, PASS3);
f_change_state(reg_ld_i, reg_i, 2, state, PASS3);
when PASS3 =>
f_change_state(reg_ld_i, pass, 3, state, GET_CHAN);
f_change_state(reg_ld_i, reg_i, 3, state, GET_CHAN);
when GET_CHAN =>
if (reg_ld_i = '1') then
for i in 1 to g_nr_chan loop
if i = to_integer(unsigned(chnr)) then
if (i = to_integer(unsigned(reg_i))) then
trig_o(i) <= '1';
end if;
end loop;
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