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  • Projects / Hdlmake

    Tool for generating multi-purpose makefiles for FPGA projects.

    Main features:

    makefile generation for: fetching modules from repositories simulating HDL projects synthesizing HDL projects synthesizing projects remotely (keeping your local resources free) generating multi-vendor project files (no clicking in the IDE!) many other things without involving make and makefiles

    Hdlmake supports modularity, scalability, revision control systems. Hdlmake can be run on any Linux or Windows machine with any HDL More info at the Wiki page

  • Projects / Platform-independent core collection

    A collection of platform-independent cores such as memories, synchronizer circuits and Wishbone cores.

    More info at the Wiki page

  • Projects / DIOT Igloo2-based radiation-tolerant System Board

    DI/OT Igloo2-based System Board for radiation-exposed DI/OT applications. More info at the Wiki page

  • Projects / White Rabbit Switch - Software

    Development of software for the White Rabbit switch, and in particular the embedded Linux system running in the ARM9 processor. More info at the Wiki page

  • Projects / PPSi

    A Precise Time Protocol (PTP, IEEE 1588) software stack whose single source code can be compiled for many architectures (POSIX systems, WR switch, WR node, ...) and which is easily extensible.

  • Projects / nanoFIP

    WorldFIP is a deterministic rad-tol fieldbus used at CERN's LHC for a variety of control systems. Cryogenics, Power Converters, Beam Instrumentation and other critical systems are using WorldFIP for the exchange of data between their sensors and actuators and the control and supervision level. With Alstom phasing out WorldFIP support in 2009, it was decided to insource this technology at CERN.

    The insourcing project has started with , a rad-tol FPGA that acts as an agent in the communication over the WorldFIP fieldbus.

    nanoFIP project details, specifications, design and users information

    In view of reorganizing the project, the nanoFIP project contains a copy of the CERNFIP wiki pages, Documents and Issues made on 24 March 2015