Commit 2920c99c authored by Dimitris Lampridis's avatar Dimitris Lampridis

[hdl] remove unused signals

parent e6cd49f9
......@@ -290,10 +290,6 @@ architecture arch of wrtd_ref_spec150t_adc is
signal cnx_slave_out : t_wishbone_slave_out_array(c_NUM_WB_SLAVES-1 downto 0);
signal cnx_slave_in : t_wishbone_slave_in_array(c_NUM_WB_SLAVES-1 downto 0);
-- GN4124 core DMA port to DDR wishbone bus
signal gn_wb_ddr_in : t_wishbone_master_in;
signal gn_wb_ddr_out : t_wishbone_master_out;
-- MT endpoints
signal rmq_endpoint_out : t_mt_rmq_endpoint_iface_out;
signal rmq_endpoint_in : t_mt_rmq_endpoint_iface_in;
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