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Kostas dev ci

Konstantinos Blantos requested to merge kostas_dev_Ci into master

These are the changes I made, so as to be able to run properly CI whenever we want. So far everything runs without errors.

  1. File: hdl/testbench/wrtd_ref_svec_tdc_fd/ val[16:0] = (t.ts - start_time) / 0.00081us; //81ps . replaced 81ps with 0.00081us. This error mostly has to do with simulator.

  2. Updated .gitlab-ci.yml file. Things to be done after merging is to decide whether we will run CI. For example, one day per week, in every commit in master? To be discussed.

  3. As a maintainer in this project, I changed the gitlab-runners, in order to use the runners we have in the cispace machine from the lab.

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