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    onewire: Kconfig choice between w1 and sockitowm · ad2efece
    Alessandro Rubini authored
    This adds the build choice about whether to use the older sockitowm or
    the new "w1" implementation, which supports all three thermometers
    but is still missing eeprom support (the API is defined, though, see
    This also adds a shell command, called "w1", which rescans the bus and
    tries to read the temperature from all devices. In the example below
    the third device is an eeprom, so it return an error for temperature
       wrc# w1
       W1: 68000801dce56910
       W1: f70000001eda8242
       W1: 5f00000040e50143
       device 0: 68000801dce56910
       temp: 34.7500
       device 1: f70000001eda8242
       temp: 32.5000
       device 2: 5f00000040e50143
       temp: -32768.0000
    The code is properly integrated in wrpc-sw, and the "first" thermometer is
    used to build the MAC address of the device, like it used to be with
    The binary built with w1 is 3kB smaller than what is build with sockitowm.
    Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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