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doc: documented Kconfig use

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......@@ -343,17 +343,37 @@ First you have to compile the tools provided with WRPC software which are used
later during the software compilation:
$ cd tools
$ make
$ cd ..
$ make -C tools
@end example
Now you have everything that is needed to build the software for WRPC,
but you need to make a few configuration choices. The package is using
@i{Kconfig} as a configuration engine, so you may run one of the
following commnads (the first is text-mode, the second uses a KDE GUI
and the third uses a Gnome GUI):
$ make menuconfig
$ make xconfig
$ make gconfig
@end example
Now you have everything that is needed to build the software for WRPC. Before
compilation the decision can be made whether to turn on or not the software
support for Etherbone core that is integrated inside WRPC gateware for SPEC
board. By default it is disabled but can be turned on by setting the
@i{CONFIG_ETHERBONE} variable to @i{y} inside the Makefile. The compilation is made by
a simple command without any additional parameters:
Other @i{Kconfig} target applies, like @code{config}, @code{oldconfig}
and so on. A few default known-good configurations are found in
@file{./configs} and you choose them by @i{make}ing them by name
like this:
$ make spec_defconfig
@end example
The most important configuration choice at this point in time is
whether to enable Etherbone or not. It is disabled by default in
@code{spec_defconfig} and enabled by default in
After the package is configured, just run @code{make} without
parameters to build your binary file:
$ make
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