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    general: add copyright notes · 394d1405
    Alessandro Rubini authored
    This adds copyright notes to all non-trivial source files,
    unless they where already there (i.e. dev/endpoint.c alone).
    I found authorship using the following script, run on commit "a2721762
    documentation updated" (i.e, before automatic reindentation and other
    trivial stuff by me):
      git grep -l . | grep -v sockitowm/ | \
      while read F; do
           echo "##### $F"
           git blame -w $F | \
             sed -e 's/^[^ ]* .//' -e 's/-[0-9][0-9]-[0-9][0-9] .*$//' | \
             sort | uniq -c | sort -rn
    Then I augmented each file with this boilerplate:
     * This work is part of the White Rabbit project
     * Copyright (C) 2011 CERN (www.cern.ch)
     * Copyright (C) 2011,2012 CERN (www.cern.ch)
     * Copyright (C) 2012 CERN (www.cern.ch)
     * Copyright (C) 2011 GSI (www.gsi.de)
     * Copyright (C) 2011,2012 GSI (www.gsi.de)
     * Copyright (C) 2012 GSI (www.gsi.de)
     * Author: Tomasz Wlostowski <tomasz.wlostowski@cern.ch>
     * Author: Grzegorz Daniluk <grzegorz.daniluk@cern.ch>
     * Author: Wesley W. Terpstra <w.terpstra@gsi.de>
     * Released according to the GNU GPL, version 2 or any later version.
    Then I removed all the lines that didn't apply. Sometimes I reordered
    the authors to reflect who is the main author.
    Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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