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    softpll-unify: add new files, from wr-switch-sw/rt · 16bc0c8a
    Alessandro Rubini authored
    The commit is part of the effort in unifying softpll with
    wr-switch-sw, and later remove the duplicated code there.
    The files added by these commit are going to be built when configuring
    wrpc-sw to build wr-switch rt_cpu (which is, basically, the softpll
    code alone, with mini-rpc with the host and the basic glue code).  The
    files are copied with the original name with two exceptions:
       wr-switch-sw::rt/main.c            becomes wrpc-sw::wrs_main.c
       wr-switch-sw::rt/arch/lm32/ram.ld  becomes wrpc-sw::arch/lm32/ram-wrs.ld
    The files are copied from commit FIXME of wr-switch-sw.
    This commit has no technical effect, as the files are not built for wrpc-sw.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAlessandro Rubini <>