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Peter clb wrpc v5

Peter Jansweijer requested to merge peter_clb_wrpc-v5 into proposed_master


There are 2 wrpc-sw.git branches that are based on each other: peter_clb_wrpc-v5 (SHA-1: 68f17463) peter_wrpc-v5 (SHA-1: 4467bedb)

Some explanation: e) Many of our applications use Crystek VCXOs that need other Ki,Kp PLL parameters, hence the defines HELPER_CRYSTEK_CVPD922 and MAIN_CRYSTEK_CVPD922 (SHA-1: 794ef617)

f) SPEC7 needs to initialize it's clocking circuitry whenever its role (master, slave, gm) changes. I added a "board_pre_pll_lock(mode)" call in PPSI to do this initialization. (ppsi.git; peter_wrpc-v5; SHA-1: b2cb7be)

g) peter_clb_wrpc-v5 adds the board files for CLBv2,v3 and v4.

To summarize: to merge all a list of repo's, branches and SHA codes below

wrpc-sw.git: peter_clb_wrpc-v5 (SHA-1: 68f17463) <= this merge request

It depends on (see rmerge regquest for ppsi) ppsi.git: peter_wrpc-v5 (SHA-1: b2cb7be)

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