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implement board specific helper spll parameters

Peter Jansweijer requested to merge peter_board_specific_helper_paramaters into wrpc-v5

Boards may implement different helper oscillators. This commit enables specifying board specific helper PLL parameters. Nothing changes as long as If BOARD_HAS_SPLL_HELPER_PARAMETERS is not defined (in boards/your_board_name/board.h), i.e. the parameters are used as they always were defined. If BOARD_HAS_SPLL_HELPER_PARAMETERS is defined then the boards/your_board_name/board.h contains the helper parameters to be used for the specific board. Take a snippet from boards/babywr/board.h as an example:

/* BabyWR uses reference oscilator gain schedule / #define BOARD_HAS_SPLL_GAIN_SCHEDULE / BabyWR Kp, Ki parameters for Helper */ #define BOARD_HAS_SPLL_HELPER_PARAMETERS #define BOARD_SPLL_HELPER_Y_MIN 5 #define BOARD_SPLL_HELPER_Y_MAX (1 << DAC_BITS) - 5 #define BOARD_SPLL_HELPER_KP -450 #define BOARD_SPLL_HELPER_KI -2 #define BOARD_SPLL_HELPER_LOCK_SAMPLES 10000 #define BOARD_SPLL_HELPER_PI_FRACBITS PI_FRACBITS

So these parameters are board specific and not meant to be added to Kconfig.

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