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Wr starting kit rebased

Benoit Rat requested to merge wr-starting-kit-rebased into proposed_master

@lipinskimm suggest the following:


  • Benoit is Developer
  • HEAD commit: 75f5007e
  • ideally: you would   * you would updated commit bb632219 such that it is     defined in configuration (make menuconfig) of wrpc-sw whether     ARP is directed to WRPC or fabric (it must reply, e.g. for applications      with Etherbone). Unfortunately, it means that you cannot use      the release wrc.bin and you need to have a wr_nic.config of      wrpc-sw   * with this change (all other commits look OK), you would rebase      your branch on the proposed_master   * Greg would move proposed_master to include your changes

I have already put a tag before merging to proposed_master as we have done the test with this new version.I have also fix some link in wrpc.pdf, please accept the PR

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