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    Support for host builds. · cf33ae1d
    Alessandro Rubini authored
    This commit is not breaking the current status, but adds the
    ability to build on the host, to simulate and (mainly) to help
    me hack the networking code in a simpler/faster environment.
    Missing features:
    	- ptp
    	- build in i386 (currently x86-64 is hardwired)
    Also, this commit requires a change in ppsi, that I'm not going to
    commit now: we must get rid of the main function (most of that
    stuff is done win wrc_ptp.c, which we must replicate  in a unix-compatible
    This is the ppsi change
       --- a/arch-unix/Makefile
       +++ b/arch-unix/Makefile
       @@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ A := arch-$(ARCH)
        CFLAGS += -Itools
       -OBJ-y += $A/unix-startup.o \
       +OBJ-y += \
               $A/main-loop.o \
               $A/unix-io.o \
               $A/unix-conf.o \
    Local changes in this commit:
          - adding CONFIG_HOST_PROCESS and the auto-generated opposites:
          - make some config option depend on !HOST_PROCESS
          - Makefile: some dependencies on HOST_PROCESS and the opposite
          - */*.mk: some dev and shell objects depend on
          CONFIG_EMBEDDED_NODE instead of CONFIG_WR_NODE (i.e.: both a
          node and an lm32)
          - new host/ subdir where some placeholders are placed
          - no sdb support on the host
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAlessandro Rubini <>