Commit fdb6d1d4 authored by Fabian Mauchle's avatar Fabian Mauchle

userspace/wrs_dump_shmem: increase printed digits for sfp dom

parent 7ae8e479
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......@@ -254,7 +254,7 @@ void dump_one_field(void *addr, struct dump_info *info, char *info_prefix)
case dump_type_sfp_dom_tx_power:
case dump_type_sfp_dom_rx_power:
printf("%.3f mW\n", ntohs(*(uint16_t *)p)/(float)10000);
printf("%.4f mW\n", ntohs(*(uint16_t *)p)/(float)10000);
case dump_type_port_mode:
i = *(uint32_t *)p;
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