Commit e67605df authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini

build: remove files added in errorat 'reinstantiate the 'ddr' mode'

Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <>
parent dd200f91
ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBALIMxxjKvTPFX/UR6Ij7YTgdm6TS2qrwtF3i+yCkil7bZN05LvwdBnzvPRt2hLrdIIoDej8AwU4AzFM4HJrtHxlmWbbwgFiE1fCpNGvqeiL4P6BTWJhn0c3DBMmzw9jTJEIIT6FEaRr8DK6GH4ARV03MJYQbtniX+qbtLWdT9H1vAAAAFQCRsHOev8oW8fMP98A/yUWlWd8JCwAAAIAtoJE5q18ianO3b67PSCLaEn0N2vG0mjECJFTsUxeOqc/ox5VxFqC6TjToeIIiZNIjwKPxrxgqdMaQ9LFy4WOGoek6wZNr5x6KwzFkc2K6Bl0u+UD2nDKD6l0MC6031OkmM5trN/A+sO8gYMPlQTig9ceAS0T/bv0LC6hbmEzpHgAAAIBYkva+iJVyQtlYmlgnjMnwn/wv6VrlBHeBX9cbA2UTcPQccEJR0Mbs1Z+a9tlQMX3jsQX/AsT5JZNQuGgT2ZQii5YZ0vTNhDU1dr0auhwTkoskWOpWHx5c0ZehMafHcgM9D/GJUrgirT7bQZ54QAkWcQdYSlsk/9exQ1Aj2FKe1A== rubini@rudo
# This is the main build script. It must build all the environment
# variables for sub-scripts.
# Base dir is forcibly the dirname of this script, as an absolute pathname
dir=$(dirname $0)
WRS_BASE_DIR=$(cd $dir && /bin/pwd)
. ${WRS_BASE_DIR}/scripts/wrs_functions
# See documentation for the meaning of these variables
wrs_setenv_default WRS_OUTPUT_DIR $(/bin/pwd)
wrs_setenv_default WRS_DOWNLOAD_DIR ${WRS_OUTPUT_DIR}/downloads
# Allow only absolute path for WRS_OUTPUT_DIR and WRS_DOWNLOAD_DIR
if [ "${WRS_OUTPUT_DIR:0:1}" != "/" ]; then
wrs_die "Invalid WRS_OUTPUT_DIR, only absolute paths are allowed"
if [ "${WRS_DOWNLOAD_DIR:0:1}" != "/" ]; then
wrs_die "Invalid WRS_DOWNLOAD_DIR, only absolute paths are allowed"
#project is WRS_BASE_DIR path without build directory at the end
# Refuse to build within the wr-switch-sw directory
if echo $WRS_OUTPUT_DIR | grep "^$project.*\$" > /dev/null; then
wrs_die "Please run $(basename $0) from a different directory outside the wr-switch-sw project"
# Check the tools, also in /usr/sbin
export PATH="$PATH:/usr/sbin"
WRS_TOOLS="curl svn git gcc g++ ar as m4 libtool gettext md5sum make"
WRS_TOOLS="$WRS_TOOLS awk unzip patch bison flex ncursesw5-config"
WRS_TOOLS="$WRS_TOOLS lua fakeroot gettext mkfs.jffs2 makeinfo"
wrs_check_tools $WRS_TOOLS
# Create the directory for the "done" markers, as wrs_build_step needs it
export WRS_DONE_DIR=${WRS_OUTPUT_DIR}/build/_done
if ! [ -d "${WRS_DONE_DIR}" ]; then
mkdir -p ${WRS_DONE_DIR} || wrs_die "mkdir failed"
export WRS_SCRIPTS_DIR=${WRS_BASE_DIR}/scripts
## Function that show a little help
showhelp() {
echo ""
echo "Usage: $0 [options]"
echo ""
echo "Building script which fetch and compile the software for the white rabbit switch"
echo ""
echo "Options:"
echo " --help Show this little message"
echo " --pack Create a tar.gz package with the files"
echo " --clean Remove all the previous configuration"
echo " --list List the different building steps"
echo " --step=<XX> Perform specific step(s) (e.g. --step=01 or --step=\"5 7 9\")"
echo ""
exit 0;
## Create a package for distribution. The package contains:
# - at91bootstrap.bin
# - barebox.bin
# - zImage
# - wrs-image.tar.gz
# it includes wrs-image.tar.gz because it is easier to generate cpio
# and jff2 images
#Check if the current git repo correspond to a tag
#if prefix 'wr-switch-sw-' is not set in tagname, we force it to 'wr-switch-sw-unof-'
name=$(git describe --always --dirty | sed '/^wr-switch-sw-/! s/.*/wr-switch-sw-unof-\0/')-$(date +%Y%m%d)_binaries.tar.gz
echo "Packing into $name";
tar -czvf "$WRS_OUTPUT_DIR/$name" -C ${WRS_OUTPUT_DIR}/images/ at91bootstrap.bin barebox.bin zImage wrs-image.tar.gz
exit 0
echo "Cleaning all outputs except downloads"
make -C ${WRS_BASE_DIR}/../userspace clean
rm -Rf ${WRS_OUTPUT_DIR}/build/
rm -Rf ${WRS_OUTPUT_DIR}/images/
rm -Rf ${WRS_OUTPUT_DIR}/doc/
exit 0
## Remove _done tag to a specific step or a list of steps like --step="5 7 9"
for num in $1; do
rm -v ${WRS_OUTPUT_DIR}/build/_done/$(printf "%02d" ${num})-*
## Menu to select the function in case we have an argument
if [ -n "$1" ]; then
case "$1" in
--help) showhelp;;
--clean) clean;;
--list) cd $WRS_DONE_DIR; ls 0*; exit 0;;
--pack) pack; exit 0;;
--step=*) seq=$(echo "$1" | sed -e 's/--step=//');
redo_step "$seq";;
*) showhelp;;
# The function builds one step if needed: if the marker file exists, then the
# step has already been acoomplished and nothing is run this time
wrs_build_step () {
if [ -f $markerfile ]; then
wrs_echo "$1 done; skipping script $2"
# Run another shell, so we can continue with the next step if it exits
# I sometimes set WRS_SH_OPTIONS to "-x" to help me in debugging
bash $WRS_SH_OPTIONS $script
if [ $? -ne 0 ];
then failed_step=true;
else touch $markerfile
failed_step=false; # this is set to "true" but the wrs_build_step function
# Now build the stuff one step at a time, only if not already done.
# Steps 0 and 9 are redone in any case:
# step 0 is downloading, and re-cecking md5sum has no side effects
# step 9 is wrapping the filesystem: we need to re-wrap is something changed
redo_step "0 9"
# done-marker script name
wrs_build_step 00-download wrs_download
wrs_build_step 01-buildroot wrs_build_buildroot
wrs_build_step 02-at91boot wrs_build_at91boot
wrs_build_step 03-barebox wrs_build_barebox
wrs_build_step 04-kernel wrs_build_kernel
wrs_build_step 05-modules wrs_build_modules
wrs_build_step 06-ptp wrs_build_ptp
wrs_build_step 07-wrs-userspace wrs_build_userspace
wrs_build_step 08-wrs-gateware wrs_build_gateware
wrs_build_step 09-wrap-rootfs wrs_build_wraprootfs
if $failed_step; then
wrs_die "One or more build steps failed"
wrs_echo "Complete build succeeded, apparently"
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