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doc: adding README to explain how to generate the pdf using pandoc

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The document has been written in markdown format and can be directly
read from github, gitlab or bitbucket
PDF Generation
You might need to install `pandoc` software to generate `.pdf` from `.md`.
sudo apt-get install pandoc
To generate a specific document you should enter its own directory and execute
If you have some Latex compilation error please install the following packages
sudo apt-get install texlive texlive-latex-extra
### pandoc.latex
The file pandoc.latex is a latex template in order to add all special latex customization
to the markdown file. In case some of latex package are not working properly, the user
should try to modify this file.
> ***NOTES:*** The syntax used in this document is Markdown. We recommand to follow the strict
markdown syntax explained on [bitbucket](
Markdown is supported
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