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......@@ -151,6 +151,34 @@ Developers](#quick-start-guide-for-developers) in order to facilitate
the starting stages of development processes, indicating where to find
the different source projects and how to compile them.
In this section, we resume the main changes that happens at each release of the starting-kit
### wr-starting-kit-v2.0
* The driver now support kernel from 2.8.x to 3.5.x
* A valid EEPROM data is now **mandatory** in order to start the kernel
* The gateware is now accesible remotely/standalone through ethernet using etherbone core.
* First DIO channel output is now reserved for outputing PPS
* PPSi has been introduced to improve compatibility with other PTP devices.
* GrandMaster locking has been improved
* FMC bus has been updated to the stable version which is officialy included in linux kernel (>3.5)
* Calibration has been improved using t42p procedure
A detailed changelog can be found on the wiki page of each of of the submodules:
* [wr-nic-v2.0](
* [spec-sw-v2014-02](
* [fmc-bus-v2014-02](
* [wrpc-v2.1](
* [ppsi-v2013.11](
System Setup
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