doc: replace gnuplot with matplotlib

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......@@ -4,30 +4,16 @@ tdc.pdf: tdc.tex
pdflatex $<
pdflatex $<
rofreq1.eps rofreq1.tex rofreq2.eps rofreq2.tex: rofreq.csv
rofreq.pdf: rofreq.csv
./ rofreq.csv rofreq.pdf
rofreq1.pdf: rofreq1.eps
epstopdf rofreq1.eps
rofreq1_pdf.tex: rofreq1.tex
cat rofreq1.tex | sed s/".eps"/".pdf"/g > rofreq1_pdf.tex
rofreq2.pdf: rofreq2.eps
epstopdf rofreq2.eps
rofreq2_pdf.tex: rofreq2.tex
cat rofreq2.tex | sed s/".eps"/".pdf"/g > rofreq2_pdf.tex
testreport.pdf: testreport.tex rofreq1_pdf.tex rofreq2_pdf.tex rofreq1.pdf rofreq2.pdf
testreport.pdf: testreport.tex rofreq.pdf
pdflatex $<
pdflatex $<
rm -f tdc.pdf tdc.aux tdc.log
rm -f rofreq1.eps rofreq1.tex rofreq2.eps rofreq2.tex
rm -f rofreq1_pdf.tex rofreq2_pdf.tex
rm -f rofreq1.pdf rofreq2.pdf
rm -f rofreq.pdf
rm -f testreport.pdf testreport.aux testreport.log
.PHONY: clean
set format "$%g$"
set xlabel "Temperature [C]"
set ylabel "Ring oscillator frequency [counts]"
set border 3
set xtics nomirror
set ytics nomirror
set terminal epslatex
set datafile separator ","
set output "rofreq1.eps"
set title "Dependence of ring oscillator frequency on temperature (channel 1)"
plot "rofreq.csv" using 1:2
set output "rofreq2.eps"
set title "Dependence of ring oscillator frequency on temperature (channel 2)"
plot "rofreq.csv" using 1:3
import csv
import sys
import pylab
filename = sys.argv[1]
ofilename = sys.argv[2]
csv_reader = csv.reader(open(filename, 'rb'), delimiter=',')
x = []
y1 = []
y2 = []
for row in csv_reader:
pylab.xlabel("Temperature (C)")
pylab.ylabel("Ring oscillator frequency (counts)")
pylab.scatter(x, y1, marker='+', color="red", label="Channel 1")
pylab.scatter(x, y2, marker='+', color="blue", label="Channel 2")
......@@ -49,9 +49,11 @@
\subsection{Temperature measurement with ring oscillators}
\caption{Dependence of ring oscillator frequency on temperature.}
\subsection{Differential TDC}
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