Commit 92c202a1 authored by Tristan Gingold's avatar Tristan Gingold

Tighten timing constraints.

They were too relaxed, in particular the register sync which is used by
parent ac968edf
......@@ -668,8 +668,15 @@ begin -- architecture top
rst_gbl_n <= rst_62m5_sys_n and (not csr_rst_gbl);
-- reset for DDR including soft reset.
-- This is treated as async and will be re-synced by the DDR controller
ddr_rst <= not rst_333m_ddr_n or csr_rst_gbl;
-- Add a FF to ease timing.
process(clk_333m_ddr, rst_333m_ddr_n, csr_rst_gbl)
if rst_333m_ddr_n = '0' or csr_rst_gbl = '1' then
ddr_rst <= '1';
elsif rising_edge (clk_333m_ddr) then
ddr_rst <= not rst_333m_ddr_n or csr_rst_gbl;
end if;
end process;
rst_csr_app_n <= not (csr_rst_gbl or csr_rst_app);
......@@ -157,25 +157,12 @@ NET "inst_spec_base/clk_125m_ref" TNM_NET = ref_clk;
NET "*/gen_with_gennum.cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/sys_clk" TNM_NET = pci_clk;
NET "*/gen_with_gennum.cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/io_clk" TNM_NET = pci_clk;
TIMEGRP "sys_grp" = "sys_clk" "ref_clk";
# Note: sys and ref are always related
TIMEGRP "sys_sync_ffs" = "sync_ffs" EXCEPT "sys_grp";
TIMEGRP "pci_sync_ffs" = "sync_ffs" EXCEPT "pci_clk";
# sys <-> pci
TIMESPEC TS_sys_to_pci = FROM sys_clk TO pci_clk 5 ns DATAPATHONLY;
TIMESPEC TS_pci_to_sys = FROM pci_clk TO sys_clk 5 ns DATAPATHONLY;
# Exceptions for crossings via gc_sync_ffs
NET "*/gc_sync_ffs_in" TNM = FFS "sync_ffs";
TIMESPEC TS_sys_sync_ffs = FROM sys_grp TO "sys_sync_ffs" TIG;
TIMESPEC TS_pci_sync_ffs = FROM pci_clk TO "pci_sync_ffs" TIG;
# Exceptions for crossings via gc_sync_register
NET "*/gc_sync_register_in[*]" TNM = FFS "sync_reg";
TIMEGRP "sys_sync_reg" = "sync_reg" EXCEPT "sys_grp";
TIMEGRP "pci_sync_reg" = "sync_reg" EXCEPT "pci_clk";
TIMESPEC TS_ref_sync_reg = FROM ref_clk TO "sys_sync_reg" 8ns DATAPATHONLY;
TIMESPEC TS_sys_sync_reg = FROM sys_clk TO "sys_sync_reg" 16ns DATAPATHONLY;
TIMESPEC TS_pci_sync_reg = FROM pci_clk TO "pci_sync_reg" 5ns DATAPATHONLY;
# ref <-> pci
TIMESPEC TS_ref_to_pci = FROM ref_clk TO pci_clk 5 ns DATAPATHONLY;
TIMESPEC TS_pci_to_ref = FROM pci_clk TO ref_clk 5 ns DATAPATHONLY;
......@@ -98,6 +98,16 @@ NET "inst_spec_base/clk_333m_ddr" TNM_NET = ddr_clk;
NET "inst_spec_base/*cmp_ddr_ctrl_bank3/*/memc3_infrastructure_inst/mcb_drp_clk_bufg_in" TNM_NET = ddr_clk;
NET "inst_spec_base/*cmp_ddr_ctrl_bank3/*/memc3_mcb_raw_wrapper_inst/ioi_drp_clk" TNM_NET = ddr_clk;
# Note: ref, sys and ddr are always related
# ddr <-> pci
TIMESPEC TS_ddr_to_pci = FROM ddr_clk TO pci_clk 3 ns DATAPATHONLY;
TIMESPEC TS_pci_to_ddr = FROM pci_clk TO ddr_clk 3 ns DATAPATHONLY;
# ddr <-> sys
TIMESPEC TS_ddr_to_sys = FROM ddr_clk TO sys_clk 3 ns DATAPATHONLY;
TIMESPEC TS_sys_to_ddr = FROM sys_clk TO ddr_clk 3 ns DATAPATHONLY;
# DDR does not use any sync modules
#TIMEGRP "ddr_sync_ffs" = "sync_ffs" EXCEPT "ddr_clk";
......@@ -109,20 +119,3 @@ NET "inst_spec_base/*cmp_ddr_ctrl_bank3/*/memc3_mcb_raw_wrapper_inst/ioi_drp_clk
#TIMESPEC TS_ddr_sync_reg = FROM ddr_clk TO "ddr_sync_reg" 3ns DATAPATHONLY;
#TIMESPEC TS_ddr_sync_word = FROM sync_word TO ddr_clk 9ns DATAPATHONLY;
NET "inst_spec_base/gen_with_gennum.cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/gen_with_dma.cmp_dma_controller/dma_async_*" TNM = FFS "dma_ffs";
TIMESPEC TS_dma_async_ffs = FROM dma_ffs TO pci_clk 15ns DATAPATHONLY;
# Exceptions for crossings via gc_sync_word_* (3x multicycle)
NET "*/gc_sync_word_data[*]" TNM = FFS "sync_word";
TIMESPEC TS_sys_sync_word = FROM sync_word TO sys_clk 48ns DATAPATHONLY;
TIMESPEC TS_ref_sync_word = FROM sync_word TO ref_clk 24ns DATAPATHONLY;
# no gc_sync_word used in GN4124
#TIMESPEC TS_pci_sync_word = FROM sync_word TO pci_clk 15ns DATAPATHONLY;
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