Commit fab90564 authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini

tools/dump-funcs.c: trivial: mark static what actually is static

Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <>
parent 194270e5
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
#include "decent_types.h"
#include "ptpdump.h"
int dumpstruct(char *prefix, char *name, void *ptr, int size)
static int dumpstruct(char *prefix, char *name, void *ptr, int size)
int ret, i;
unsigned char *p = ptr;
......@@ -28,8 +28,7 @@ int dumpstruct(char *prefix, char *name, void *ptr, int size)
return ret;
void dump_eth(struct ethhdr *eth)
static void dump_eth(struct ethhdr *eth)
struct timeval tv;
static struct timeval prev;
......@@ -60,7 +59,7 @@ void dump_eth(struct ethhdr *eth)
d[0], d[1], d[2], d[3], d[4], d[5]);
void dump_ip(struct iphdr *ip)
static void dump_ip(struct iphdr *ip)
uint32_t s = ntohl(ip->saddr);
uint32_t d = ntohl(ip->daddr);
......@@ -71,14 +70,14 @@ void dump_ip(struct iphdr *ip)
void dump_udp(struct udphdr *udp)
static void dump_udp(struct udphdr *udp)
printf("UDP: (%i -> %i) len %i\n",
ntohs(udp->source), ntohs(udp->dest), ntohs(udp->len));
/* Helpers for fucking data structures */
void dump_1stamp(char *s, struct stamp *t)
static void dump_1stamp(char *s, struct stamp *t)
uint64_t sec = (uint64_t)(ntohs(t->sec.msb)) << 32;
......@@ -86,20 +85,20 @@ void dump_1stamp(char *s, struct stamp *t)
printf("%s%lli.%09i\n", s, sec, ntohl(t->nsec));
void dump_1quality(char *s, ClockQuality *q)
static void dump_1quality(char *s, ClockQuality *q)
printf("%s%02x-%02x-%04x\n", s, q->clockClass, q->clockAccuracy,
void dump_1clockid(char *s, ClockIdentity i)
static void dump_1clockid(char *s, ClockIdentity i)
printf("%s%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x\n", s,[0],[1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7]);
void dump_1port(char *s, unsigned char *p)
static void dump_1port(char *s, unsigned char *p)
printf("%s%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x-%02x\n", s,
p[0], p[1], p[2], p[3], p[4], p[5], p[6], p[7], p[8], p[9]);
......@@ -107,7 +106,7 @@ void dump_1port(char *s, unsigned char *p)
/* Helpers for each message types */
void dump_msg_announce(struct ptp_announce *p)
static void dump_msg_announce(struct ptp_announce *p)
dump_1stamp("MSG-ANNOUNCE: stamp ", &p->originTimestamp);
dump_1quality("MSG-ANNOUNCE: grandmaster-quality ",
......@@ -118,19 +117,19 @@ void dump_msg_announce(struct ptp_announce *p)
void dump_msg_sync_etc(char *s, struct ptp_sync_etc *p)
static void dump_msg_sync_etc(char *s, struct ptp_sync_etc *p)
dump_1stamp(s, &p->stamp);
void dump_msg_resp_etc(char *s, struct ptp_sync_etc *p)
static void dump_msg_resp_etc(char *s, struct ptp_sync_etc *p)
dump_1stamp(s, &p->stamp);
dump_1port(s, p->port);
/* TLV dumper, not yet white-rabbit aware */
int dump_tlv(struct ptp_tlv *tlv, int totallen)
static int dump_tlv(struct ptp_tlv *tlv, int totallen)
/* the field includes 6 bytes of the header, ecludes 4 of them. Bah! */
int explen = ntohs(tlv->len) + 4;
......@@ -153,7 +152,7 @@ int dump_tlv(struct ptp_tlv *tlv, int totallen)
/* A big function to dump the ptp information */
void dump_payload(void *pl, int len)
static void dump_payload(void *pl, int len)
struct ptp_header *h = pl;
void *msg_specific = (void *)(h + 1);
int dumpstruct(char *prefix, char *name, void *ptr, int size);
void dump_eth(struct ethhdr *eth);
void dump_ip(struct iphdr *ip);
void dump_udp(struct udphdr *udp);
void dump_1stamp(char *s, struct stamp *t);
void dump_1quality(char *s, ClockQuality *q);
void dump_1clockid(char *s, ClockIdentity i);
void dump_1port(char *s, unsigned char *p);
void dump_msg_announce(struct ptp_announce *p);
void dump_msg_sync_etc(char *s, struct ptp_sync_etc *p);
void dump_msg_resp_etc(char *s, struct ptp_sync_etc *p);
int dump_tlv(struct ptp_tlv *tlv, int totallen);
void dump_payload(void *pl, int len);
int dump_udppkt(void *buf, int len);
int dump_1588pkt(void *buf, int len);
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