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The project is a set of Kicad Symbols and Footprints that are used in a collection of smaller Kicad based sub projects. Each sub project will use the common library to ease and standardise design but will be a related implementation or documentation of a design. The topic for the Library and designs are Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) based particle and optical detectors.

Whilst it is envisaged that each project will feature a PMT in some way. Some designs may not, but will be tangibly related in some useful way to particle detection and PMT's. For example a Divide by 10 HV PSU tester has no PMT but is used when working with the HV supply’s for PMT's. A High Voltage supply similarly has no PMT but is used with. A Geiger Muller Tube based detector may be used as a trigger source for PMT based particle detectors.

Each sub project is expected to be fully self contained (In it's own subdirectory within the same repository as PMTLib) with the exception of common Kicad Libraries and the inclusion of the PMTLib libraries and foot prints. A sub project may include a simulation of the design. Such simulations will be constructed using Open source Tools (ie QUCS or similar). PCB Layouts, Datasheets, PDF's and Photographs of finished designs may also be included. A sub project will contain at a minimum a Schematic and a README doc detailing attribution,licensing and any additional notes the designer wants to add.

Having mentioned the README doc the principle place for design related notes is on the Schematic that defines the sub-project.