Commit e2d16e13 authored by Gregor Schmidt's avatar Gregor Schmidt Committed by Holger Just

[#540] compatibility layer to reenable API from Chili 1.x

parent 06076e5a
class JournalDetail
attr_reader :prop_key, :value, :old_value
def initialize(prop_key, old_value, value)
@prop_key = prop_key
@old_value = old_value
@value = value
......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ module JournalFormatter
label, old_value, value = attr_detail || cv_detail || attachment_detail
Redmine::Hook.call_hook :helper_issues_show_detail_after_setting, {:detail => detail,
Redmine::Hook.call_hook :helper_issues_show_detail_after_setting, {:detail =>, old_value, value),
:label => label, :value => value, :old_value => old_value }
return nil unless label || old_value || value # print nothing if there are no values
label, old_value, value = [label, old_value, value].collect(&:to_s)
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