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    Added observers to watch model objects for mail delivery instead of calling Mailer. · b4be8849
    Eric Davis authored
    * Added an IssueObserver to watch when Issues are created
    * Added a JournalObserver to watch when Journals are created (Issue updates)
    * Added a NewsObserver for News items.
    * Added a DocumentObserver for Document notifications.
    * Setup IssuesController#new to use the IssueObserver.
    * Setup IssuesController#edit to use the IssueObserver.
    * Setup IssuesController#bulk_edit to use the JournalObserver.
    * Removed the Mailer call in Changeset#scan_commit_for_issue_ids, the
      JournalObserver will handle it.
    * Removed Mailer calls in MailHandler in favor of the Observers.
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