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    Rewrite the Gantt chart. #6276 · bdb3937e
    Eric Davis authored
    This version of the Gantt chart supports nested charts. So Projects,
    Versions, and Issues will be nested underneath their parents correctly.
    Additional features:
    * Move all Gantt code to Redmine::Helpers::Gantt class instead of having it in
      the Gantt class, controller, and view
    * Recursive and nest sub-projects
    * Recursive and nest versions
    * Recursive and nest issues
    * Draw a line showing when a Project is active and it's progress
    * Draw a line showing when a Version is active and it's progress
    * Show a version's % complete
    * Change the color of Projects, Versions, and Issues if they are late or
      behind schedule
    * Added Project#start_date and #due_date
    * Added Project#completed_percent
    * Use a mini-gravatar on the Gantt chart
    * Added tests for the Gantt rendering
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