Commit 63e28db7 authored by Tomasz Wlostowski's avatar Tomasz Wlostowski

hdl: updated ip-cores to match wrpc v4.2

parent 72f0b813
general-cores @ 5205d975
Subproject commit c0614a39698510b3faf0d42adf7a7f7c073b08fc
Subproject commit 5205d9754b1e0887df5914a47f8aa745e4f3c2fe
gn4124-core @ 254c6ef9
Subproject commit e0dcb3f9a3e6804f64c544743bdf46b5fcbbefab
Subproject commit 254c6ef95db36035b80917eeeb26552b40d8edd1
vme64x-core @ 78cac871
Subproject commit b2fc3ce76485404f831d15f7ce31fdde08e234d5
Subproject commit 78cac8713658de449dcccbce5a5d35131461fc34
wr-cores @ 69cc4cc3
Subproject commit 20e019e07e2d7794d1f6c619d1f3672e53a2b3e7
Subproject commit 69cc4cc3132530c836cd57ce1b282e8377fe7a07
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