Commit 7d9025ae authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini

sdb: added the find_device function

parent 216fc637
......@@ -191,7 +191,33 @@ void fmc_show_sdb_tree(struct fmc_device *fmc)
unsigned long fmc_find_sdb_device(struct sdb_array *tree)
signed long fmc_find_sdb_device(struct sdb_array *tree,
uint64_t vid, uint32_t did)
return 0;
signed long res = -ENODEV;
union sdb_record *r;
struct sdb_product *p;
struct sdb_component *c;
int i, n = tree->len;
/* FIXME: what if the first interconnect is not at zero? */
for (i = 0; i < n; i++) {
r = &tree->record[i];
c = &r->dev.sdb_component;
p = &c->product;
if (!IS_ERR(tree->subtree[i]))
res = fmc_find_sdb_device(tree->subtree[i], vid, did);
if (res > 0)
return res + tree->baseaddr;
if (r->empty.record_type != sdb_type_device)
if (__be64_to_cpu(p->vendor_id) != vid)
if (__be32_to_cpu(p->device_id) != did)
return __be64_to_cpu(c->addr_first);
return res;
......@@ -31,5 +31,6 @@ struct sdb_array {
extern int fmc_scan_sdb_tree(struct fmc_device *fmc, unsigned long address);
extern void fmc_show_sdb_tree(struct fmc_device *fmc);
extern unsigned long fmc_find_sdb_device(struct sdb_array *tree);
extern signed long fmc_find_sdb_device(struct sdb_array *tree,
uint64_t vendor, uint32_t device);
extern int fmc_free_sdb_tree(struct fmc_device *fmc);
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