Commit 9ad24bd7 authored by Lucas Russo's avatar Lucas Russo

hal/sm_io/*/fmc130m_4ch/ update Makefile

Added the recently created objects to Makefile
parent e520fbe3
sm_io_fmc130m_4ch_DIR = hal/sm_io/modules/fmc130m_4ch
sm_io_fmc130m_4ch_OBJS = $(sm_io_fmc130m_4ch_DIR)/sm_io_fmc130m_4ch.o
sm_io_fmc130m_4ch_OBJS = $(sm_io_fmc130m_4ch_DIR)/sm_io_fmc130m_4ch_core.o \
sm_io_fmc130m_4ch_INCLUDE_DIRS = $(sm_io_fmc130m_4ch_DIR)
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