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BE seminar WR intro: more cosmetics

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%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Title Page Info %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\title[Introduction to White Rabbit\hspace{19em}\insertframenumber/\inserttotalframenumber]{Introduction to White Rabbit}
\title[Introduction to White Rabbit\hspace{11em}\insertframenumber/\inserttotalframenumber]{Introduction to White Rabbit}
\author[Greg Daniluk, Maciej Lipi\'{n}ski]{Greg Daniluk, Maciej Lipi\'{n}ski}
\institute{CERN BE-CO\\Hardware and Timing section}
\date{\vspace{0.5cm}\\ BE seminar\\{\small 15 November 2019}}
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\item<1-> Initiated to renovate CERN's control \& timing
\item<1-> CERN and GSI initiative for control \& timing
\item<2-> Based on well-established standards
\item <2->Ethernet \textcolor{gray}{(IEEE 802.3)}
......@@ -144,8 +144,8 @@
\item<2-> \color<3->{black!50}{The Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory}
\item<3-> \color<4->{black!50}{KM3NET: Cubic Kilometre Neutrino Telescope}
\item<4-> \color<5->{black!50}{German Stock Exchange}
\item<5-> \color<7->{black!50}{Mikes: Finish Metrology Institute}
\item<6-> \color<7->{black!50}{Metrology Institutes in Netherlands (VSL), \\France (LNE-SYRTE), USA (NIST), UK (NPL) and\\Italy (INRIM)} %and Belgium (SMD)
\item<5-> \color<7->{black!50}{Mikes: Finish National Time Lab}
\item<6-> \color<7->{black!50}{National Time Labs in Netherlands (VSL), \\France (LNE-SYRTE), USA (NIST), UK (NPL) and\\Italy (INRIM)} %and Belgium (SMD)
\item<7-> ESA: European Space Agency for Galileo
......@@ -272,8 +272,9 @@
\item <2->Asymmetry sources: FPGA, PCB, SFP electrics/optics, chromatic dispersion
\item <3->Link delay model:
\item \textbf{Fixed delays} -- calibrated/measured
\item \textbf{Variable delays} -- evaluated online with:\vspace{0.1cm} $\alpha = \frac{\nu_g(\lambda_s)}{\nu_g(\lambda_m)} -1 = \frac{\delta_{ms} - \delta_{sm}}{\delta_{sm}}$
\item \textbf{Fixed delays} -- FPGA, PCB, SFP
\item \textbf{Variable delays} -- fiber:\vspace{0.1cm} $\alpha = \frac{\nu_g(\lambda_s)}{\nu_g(\lambda_m)} -1 = \frac{\delta_{ms} - \delta_{sm}}{\delta_{sm}}$
\item Calibration procedure to find fixed delays and $\alpha$
\item <4-> Accurate offset from master (OFM):\scriptsize \\\vspace{0.2cm}
$\delta_{ms}~ = \frac{1 + \alpha}{2 + \alpha} \, (RTT - \sum \Delta - \sum \epsilon)$\vspace{0.2cm}
......@@ -286,10 +287,6 @@
Calibration procedure to find fixed delays ($\Delta$) and $\alpha$
\begin{frame}{Out-of-the-box performance}
......@@ -389,7 +386,7 @@
\item All carrier cards are equipped with a White Rabbit port
\item All carrier cards instantite WR PTP Core
\item All carrier cards instantiate WR PTP Core
\item Mezzanines can use the accurate clock signal and timecode
\\ (synchronous sampling clock, trigger time tag, ...)
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