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......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@
\item \color{red}{{\textbf{Deterministic data transfer}} [2]}
\item<7-> Initial specs: links up to 10km, $\approx$2000 nodes
\item<8-> Open Source with commercial support
\item<8-> Open Source and commercially available
\item<9-> Many users worldwide, inc. metrology labs...
......@@ -719,8 +719,8 @@ INRIM & Italy & 70~km & 610ps $\pm$47ps\\ \hline
\item \textbf{Sub-ns on 80km} and \textbf{ns on 137km} links with single bidirectional fiber
\item \textbf{$\pm$2.5ns on 950km} links with two unidirectional fibers
% \item<3-> Absolute Calibration
\item<3-> WR-based applications
\item<3-> Absolute Calibration [22] - ask Kalle from MIKES
\item<4-> WR-based applications
\item Diagnostics and remote management of WR networks
\item Radio-frequency over WR for RF cavities control
......@@ -864,6 +864,10 @@ $[20]$ \textbf{Trigger and RF Distribution using White Rabbit}, T. Wlostowski et
$[21]$ \textbf{White Rabbit Trigger Distribution: }
~~~~~~~ \url{\#1-trigger-distribution-over-wh}\\
$[22]$ \textbf{Absolute Calibration: }
% \column{.01\textwidth}
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