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= ChiliProject changelog
== 2011-08-27 v2.2.0
* Bug #256: requires_redmine_plugin should defer loading plugins if not all dependencies are met
* Bug #517: Remove included lib/faster_csv.rb
* Bug #551: Hardcoded French string in wiki/diff.rhtml
* Bug #552: Hardcoded English string in RepositoriesHelper
* Bug #557: Calendar links for previous/next month contains double escaped characters
* Bug #561: PDF export of issue gives TypeError (can't convert nil into String)
* Bug #573: acts_as_searchable definition in WikiPage may be insufficient and cause SQL errors
* Bug #577: Invalid watcher user error when adding an invalid user as watcher
* Bug #586: TabularFormBuilder doesn't work with subforms
* Feature #275: Implement requires_chiliproject and requires_chiliproject_plugin methods
* Task #584: Upgrade to Rails 2.3.14
== 2011-08-01 v2.1.1
* Bug #547: Multiple XSS vulnerabilities
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