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    • Adam Wujek's avatar
      rootfs: make possible to get URL to the dot-config via dhcp · 4ef3017c
      Adam Wujek authored
      force-dhcp can be used to retrieve a URL to the dot-config, which is downloaded
      during boot.
      try-dhcp the same as above but don't complain about unsuccessful receive of the
      URL via DHCP to SNMP.
      --MIB - add tryDhcp and forceDhcp to the wrsConfigSource object; add
              dhcpError to the wrsBootConfigStatus object
      --SNMPd - same as the above; don't error in wrsBootConfigStatus when tryDhcp
      --dot-config's script - support new dot-config sources
      --Kconfig - support new dot-config sources
      --wrs_release_defconfig - add new items
      --create new script for udhcpc to save "filename" configuration field retrieved
        from DHCP server; it contains the URL to the dot-config to be downloaded.
      Signed-off-by: Adam Wujek's avatarAdam Wujek <adam.wujek@cern.ch>
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    • Adam Wujek's avatar
      userspace/rootfs_override: make monit to start from inittab · 99cbeed5
      Adam Wujek authored
      When monit is started from inittab instead of script /etc/init.d/monit.sh
      it will be respawned after its crash.
      Support stopping/starting monit by /etc/init.d/monit.sh
      To stop monit, STOP signal is sent to it. By this, init will not respawn monit,
      because it is still present in process' list.
      Add disabling monit in dot-config by option CONFIG_MONIT_DISABLE.
      When monit is disabled by dot-config, monit.sh will sleep forever, to
      satisfy init and prevent respawning
      Update dot-config items in user-manual.
      Include only *.conf instead of all files from /etc/monit.d/.
      Signed-off-by: Adam Wujek's avatarAdam Wujek <adam.wujek@cern.ch>
  11. 12 May, 2015 1 commit
    • Adam Wujek's avatar
      userspace/rootfs_override: add script S70wrs_auxclk to configure external clock · 0d6fee0a
      Adam Wujek authored
      Added init script /etc/init.d/S70wrs_auxclk to start wrs_auxclk with parameters
      read from dot-config.
      Added parameters to Kconfig:
      All above are used as parameters to wrs_auxclk,
      which configure external clock clk2
      NOTE: This patch requires new Gateware! wrs_auxclk will hang switch when using
      gateware from last release of switch.
      Signed-off-by: Adam Wujek's avatarAdam Wujek <adam.wujek@cern.ch>
  12. 24 Apr, 2015 1 commit
    • Adam Wujek's avatar
      userspace/rootfs_override: change handling of ppsi.conf · 1c0e4648
      Adam Wujek authored
      This patch is to replace previous way of managing ppsi configuration file.
      Instead of copying proper file based on chosen configuration PTP_* option in
      dot-config, now ppsi.conf file is assembled based on PORTXX_PARAMS fields in
        - remove options:
          - PTP_WR_DEFAULT
          - PTP_WR_MASTER
          - PTP_WR_AUTO
          - PTP_WR_AUTO_UDP
          - PTP_NONWR_UDP_ALL
        - add PTP_PORT_PARAMS (to let assembly ppsi.conf file)
        - keep option PTP_CUSTOM to use user's ppsi configuration file
        - move PTP_CUSTOM_FILENAME to different position
        - add property "proto" to PORTXX_PARAMS
      --remove predefined ppsi configs (not to be used anymore) from /wr/etc/ppsi-config-pool/:
          - WR_DEFAULT
          - WR_MASTER
          - WR_AUTO
          - WR_AUTO_UDP
          - NONWR_UDP_ALL
      --add new script assembly_ppsi_conf.sh to create ppsi.conf file.
        ppsi.conf file is assembled based on PORTXX_PARAMS fields like port name,
        proto(col) and role. All master, slave or auto ports are set to use whiterabbit
      --add file /wr/etc/ppsi-pre.conf to keep top of ppsi.conf including global
        options (later all options may be moved to dot-conf)
      --modivy apply_dot-config to use assembly_ppsi_conf.sh instead of old way.
      NOTE: update of documentation is missing
      Signed-off-by: Adam Wujek's avatarAdam Wujek <adam.wujek@cern.ch>
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