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README: rewritten

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......@@ -7,8 +7,27 @@ All documentation lives in doc/ , where all *.in files are the sources
(texinfo files, plain ascii, but please ask me before adding or
removing chapter or sections -- or emacs and its texinfo-mode).
When tarball are released, output files are part of the archive.
Currently, the input files are the following ones:
As I write this (Apr 2011) this repository is somewhat messy because
top-level documentation. It has some duplication with other files
because it was born as an alternative setup to the svn repository
and build scripts.
documentation about the complete build procedure (i.e., the
part that has been documented so far). Directly related code
lives in the build/ subdirectory of this package, the other
is elsewhere (kernel/ userspace/ and patches/so on).
documentation about the testing procedures. Associated code libce
When a tar archive is released, precompiled output files are included.
As I write this (May 2011) this repository is somewhat messy because
it's merge-in-progress between several packages written independently.
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