1. 01 Dec, 2020 3 commits
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      make load target more robust · 05b4a4fd
      Juan David González Cobas authored
      Two safety nets are added here:
        * PYTHON variable that can be set to the interpreter path (defaults to
          "python3"), so that the system default can be overriden
        * the PORT arg to usb-bootloader.py is passed as an empty string if
          unset, to produce an explicit error
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      use bytes (integers) all along · c117db54
      Juan David González Cobas authored
      Dealing with mixed integers and strings (or bytes() when pyserial
      decides to do so) is a PITA that plagues all the code with ord()
      conversions and makes it error-prone and hard to debug. It is even more
      so if the python version (2.7 or 3.x) is not known in advance.
      To play safe
          - the firmware file is converted at read time into a bytearray,
            which is what it is
          - all data flow that is supposed to come from/to the serial line is
            cast into integer values as soon/later as possible; given that
            pyserial gives back str/bytes somehow at will, ord() calls at the
            .recv() method level are the safest way to ensure we get-a-byte,
            get-a-byte, get-a-byte, byte, byte.
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