1. 16 Oct, 2012 3 commits
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      kconfig: use pathnames from Linux-2.6.34 · 5fda0c85
      Alessandro Rubini authored
      This undoes some differences between the upstream 2.6.34 kconfig and
      the bst-kconfig out-of-tree port. This basically adds back
      include/config/ and include/generated/ .
      Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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      added kconfig infrastructure, the trivial way · 89cdfcd5
      Alessandro Rubini authored
      This comes from the "bst-kconfig" project, which lives at
      In particular, I copied from commit v2.6.34-4-g8168c0b which exported
      to a standalone package the kconfig code from version 2.6.34 of the
      kernel. This commit copies the files literally, but it renames
      "Makefile" to "Makefile.kconfig", as our Makefile is already in place.
      It can be said that it is a lazy choice and the code is old, but I
      also evaluated other projects as a source of Kconfig code.  In
      particular, I studied busybox and buildroot; but the work needed to
      extract the relevant code looks bigger. I also evaluated
      kconfig-frontends, but it is not what we needed here (besides, it uses
      automake and thus it's completely unmaintainable for me -- known
      hackers say that autotools must die, and I share the idea).
      If needed, we can replace this with a newer Kconfig setup later on.
      At the time being, this is code base is more than enough for this
      Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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      bugfix in Makefile: fix a build bug introduced by "three fixes" · 91c58a37
      Alessandro Rubini authored
      Commit "5433fa2f Makefile: three fixes" introduced a bug, so that a
      fresh clone fails to compile because of a missing "board.h" file.
      This makes all objects depends on the symlink, which in turn is
      removed by "make clean", so you don't need to start from a fresh clone
      to experience the complete build.
      Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
  2. 05 Oct, 2012 5 commits
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      Makefile: complete reshuffle to make it readable · 66132ce4
      Alessandro Rubini authored
      This fits in 80 columns and makes other space cleanups, but
      there is no functional change.
      We'll need to touch it seriously when adding Kconfig and ppsi as
      an alternative to ptp-noposix, so I'd better have it readable before
      changing the meat in there.
      Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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      Makefile: three fixes · 5433fa2f
      Alessandro Rubini authored
      I'd better set CROSS_COMPILE in the environment than change my path,
      so CROSS_COMPILE is conditionally assigned.
      The revision is better "git describe --dirty" than "git rev-parse". The output
      is a short beautiful string like "wrpc-v2.0-13-g09a736d5"
      with an optional "-dirty" trailer, to show we compiled a non-committed
      Finally, to execute commands we dont $(shell) at toplevel, but have
      them in the build rule.
      Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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      Merge branch 'restyle' into proposed2 · 4cb937ab
      Alessandro Rubini authored
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      Run ./scripts/Lindent on all .c and .h files · e625cbd9
      Alessandro Rubini authored
      This is massive: 4k lines changed (but only 840 if you ignore
      space-only changes).  In this case "git blame -w" won't always find
      the right patch, and it may fall on this patch -- because those
      800 lines changed in content too.
      This has been done with
         find . -name '*.[ch]' | xargs -n 1 ./scripts/Lindent
      Statistics: all changes and ignoring blank space:
         morgana% git diff --stat HEAD~1 | tail -1
          77 files changed, 3774 insertions(+), 3709 deletions(-)
         morgana% git diff -w --stat HEAD~1 | tail -1
          61 files changed, 894 insertions(+), 829 deletions(-)
      However, after this step I hand-fixed some very ugly long expressions
      (leaving them long: no content change at all is there).
      Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <rubini@gnudd.com>
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      Remove all spaces at end-of-line · 1d24ecfb
      Alessandro Rubini authored
      If you find this patch with "git blame" please use "git blame -w"
      to have all white-space ignored while associating lines to commits.
      This commit has no practical effect but cleanup. I made it
      with sed like this:
        git grep -l '[ \t]$' | xargs sed -i 's/[ \t]*$//'
      However, I had to manually restore doc/wrpc_mon.png after the fact.
      Similarly, I restored the include/hw/*regs.h files, as they
      are (most likely) auto-generated.
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