Commit c42a23cd authored by Wesley W. Terpstra's avatar Wesley W. Terpstra

Generate the tools needed to build initial ram files

parent 9f0345fb
...@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@ wrc: $(OBJS) ...@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@ wrc: $(OBJS)
${CC} -o $(OUTPUT).elf revision.o $(OBJS) $(LDFLAGS) ${CC} -o $(OUTPUT).elf revision.o $(OBJS) $(LDFLAGS)
${OBJCOPY} -O binary $(OUTPUT).elf $(OUTPUT).bin ${OBJCOPY} -O binary $(OUTPUT).elf $(OUTPUT).bin
${OBJDUMP} -d $(OUTPUT).elf > $(OUTPUT)_disasm.S ${OBJDUMP} -d $(OUTPUT).elf > $(OUTPUT)_disasm.S
cd tools; $(MAKE)
./tools/genraminit $(OUTPUT).bin 0 > $(OUTPUT).ram ./tools/genraminit $(OUTPUT).bin 0 > $(OUTPUT).ram
./tools/genramvhd -s 90112 $(OUTPUT).bin > $(OUTPUT).vhd ./tools/genramvhd -s 90112 $(OUTPUT).bin > $(OUTPUT).vhd
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