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doc: Updated document

	+ Added information about the refresh command
	+ Deleted references about "stat cont" command ("stat" command works as it now)
	+ Modified the stat examples of "Running the Core" section
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......@@ -630,7 +630,7 @@ wrc# gui
The information is presented in a clear, auto-refreshing screen. To exit
from this console mode press <Esc>. Full
description about information reported by gui is provided in @ref{WRPC GUI
@b{Note:} the @i{Synchronization status} and @i{Timing parameters} in @i{gui}
are available only in @sc{wr} Slave mode. When running as @sc{wr} Master, you
......@@ -642,11 +642,11 @@ packet counters, lock and calibration status.
@sp 1
If you want to store the statistics from @sc{wrpc} operation, it's probably
better to use the @i{stat cont} shell command. It reports the same information
better to use the @i{stat} shell command. It reports the same information
as GUI but in a form which is easier to parse and analyze:
wrc# stat cont
wrc# stat
lnk:1 rx:416 tx:118 lock:1 sv:1 ss:'TRACK_PHASE' aux:0 sec:94197 \
nsec:793068184 mu:836241 dms:400556 dtxm:10 drxm:163610 dtxs:0 drxs:128400 \
asym:35129 crtt:544221 cko:-5 setp:7667 hd:61479 md:37221 ad:65000 ucnt:101 \
......@@ -658,6 +658,10 @@ temp: 45.6875 C
@end example
@sp 1
In addition, you can use the @i{refresh} command to change
update time period of the gui and the stat commands.
@sp 1
If you have a @sc{dio} Mezzanine board plugged to your @sc{spec}, you can check
the synchronization performance by observing the offset between 1-PPS signals
......@@ -737,10 +741,11 @@ function to initialize SoftPll
@item @code{gui} @tab starts GUI @sc{wrpc} monitor
@item @code{stat} @tab prints one line log message
@item @code{stat cont} @tab prints log message for each second (Esc to exit back to shell)
@item @code{stat} @tab prints the log message for each period (Esc to exit back to shell)
@item @code{stat bts} @tab prints bitslide value for established @sc{wr} Link, needed by calibration procedure
@item @code{refresh} @tab changes the update time period of the gui and the stat commands. Default period is 1 second. If you set the period to 0, the log message is only generated one time.
@item @code{ptp start} @tab start @sc{wr ptp} daemon
@item @code{ptp stop} @tab stops @sc{wr ptp} daemon
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