Commit 80c706b5 authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini Committed by Grzegorz Daniluk

ppsi: uplift ppsi to support peer delay

Please note that peer delay code is compiled into the ppsi, even if it is
disabled at compile time.
Code is in the binary wrpc, but is never can be reached.
Signed-off-by: Adam Wujek's avatarAdam Wujek <>
parent 4458b74a
......@@ -119,8 +119,8 @@ struct dump_info dump_info[] = {
DUMP_FIELD(pointer, ext_data),
DUMP_FIELD(unsigned_long, d_flags),
DUMP_FIELD(unsigned_char, flags),
DUMP_FIELD(unsigned_char, role),
DUMP_FIELD(unsigned_char, proto),
DUMP_FIELD(int, role),
DUMP_FIELD(int, proto),
DUMP_FIELD(pointer, glbs),
DUMP_FIELD(pointer, n_ops),
DUMP_FIELD(pointer, t_ops),
......@@ -162,7 +162,6 @@ struct dump_info dump_info[] = {
DUMP_FIELD(pointer, portDS),
//DUMP_FIELD(unsigned long timeouts[__PP_TO_ARRAY_SIZE]),
DUMP_FIELD(UInteger16, recv_sync_sequence_id),
DUMP_FIELD(Integer8, log_min_delay_req_interval),
//DUMP_FIELD(UInteger16 sent_seq[__PP_NR_MESSAGES_TYPES]),
DUMP_FIELD_SIZE(bina, received_ptp_header, sizeof(MsgHeader)),
//DUMP_FIELD(pointer, iface_name),
ppsi @ 28fe78eb
Subproject commit c93d7100eb7a87d41c0422dd1e033196231e3ce7
Subproject commit 28fe78ebc3de980c1b8abaf520ff7ee50262a7af
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