Commit 77ebeae5 authored by Tomasz Wlostowski's avatar Tomasz Wlostowski

dev/softpll.c: fixed phase sign to match the DMPLL in the WR switch

parent 9a4db26d
......@@ -334,10 +334,10 @@ void softpll_enable()
int softpll_check_lock()
/* TRACE_DEV("LCK h:f%d l%d d: f%d l%d err %d\n",
TRACE_DEV("LCK h:f%d l%d d: f%d l%d err %d\n",
pstate.h_freq_mode ,pstate.h_locked,
pstate.d_freq_mode, pstate.d_locked,
return pstate.h_locked && pstate.d_locked;
......@@ -349,8 +349,8 @@ int softpll_busy()
void softpll_set_phase(int ps)
pstate.d_phase_shift = (int32_t) ((int64_t)ps * 16384LL / 8000LL);
TRACE_WRSERVO("ADJdelta: phase %d [ps], %d units\n", ps, pstate.d_phase_shift);
pstate.d_phase_shift = -(int32_t) ((int64_t)ps * 16384LL / 8000LL);
TRACE_DEV("ADJdelta: phase %d [ps], %d units\n", ps, pstate.d_phase_shift);
void softpll_disable()
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