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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
@setchapternewpage off
@set update-month October 2013
@set update-month December 2013
@set release __RELEASE_GIT_ID__
@set tagname wrpc-v2.1
@c WARNING: in @example I Can't use @value{tagname}, so please look for this
......@@ -490,11 +490,8 @@ and running on your @sc{spec}. Congratulations !
@node Writing EEPROM and calibration
@section Writing EEPROM and calibration
By default @sc{wrpc} starts in @sc{wr} Slave mode and uses the default calibration
values for Axcen AXGE-3454-0531 @sc{sfp}. This might be fine for running @sc{wrpc}
for the first time and synchronizing it to another @sc{spec} running the same
firmware. It is however recommended to perform few additional steps through the
@sc{wrpc} shell.
You should perform few configuration steps through the @sc{wrpc} shell before
you start testing and using the firmware.
@b{Note:} the examples below describe only a subset of @sc{wrpc} Shell commands
required to make a basic configuration and calibration. A full description of
......@@ -517,18 +514,21 @@ transceivers with deltaTx, deltaRx and alpha parameters associated with them.
wrc# sfp erase
wrc# sfp add AXGE-1254-0531 180456 148066 72169888
wrc# sfp add AXGE-3454-0531 180456 148066 -73685416
wrc# sfp add AXGE-1254-0531 180707 148323 72169888
wrc# sfp add AXGE-3454-0531 180707 148323 -73685416
@end example
To check the content of the @sc{sfp} database you can execute the @i{sfp show} shell
@b{Note:} The deltaTx and deltaRx parameters above are the default ones for
@i{wrpc-2.1} release bitstream available on @i{} and most probably will
be the cause of some constant offset when @sc{wrpc} is re-synthesized or
connected to the @sc{WR} Switch. To find the new values you should read the
@sc{wr} Calibration procedure (@i{}).
@i{wrpc-2.1} release bitstream available on @i{} running on @sc{spec} v4 board
and calibrated to the port 1 of @sc{wr} Switch v3.3. Those values as well as the parameters for the
@sc{wr} Switch are available on the calibration wiki page
(@i{}). However, if
you re-synthesize the firmware or want to have most accurate estimation of fixed
delays and alpha of your fiber you should read and perform the @sc{wr}
Calibration procedure (@i{}).
@sp 1
The @sc{wr ptp} Core's mode of operation (GrandMaster/Master/Slave) can be set using the
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