Commit 34f51da8 authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini

trivial: remove unused debug.S

Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <>
parent 155b1ec8
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ PTP_NOPOSIX = ptp-noposix
PPSI = ppsi
# we miss CONFIG_ARCH_LM32 as we have no other archs by now
obj-y = arch/lm32/crt0.o arch/lm32/irq.o arch/lm32/debug.o
obj-y = arch/lm32/crt0.o arch/lm32/irq.o
LDS = arch/lm32/ram.ld
obj-y += wrc_main.o
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