Commit 0d6df9e0 authored by Tomasz Wlostowski's avatar Tomasz Wlostowski

lib: UART control protocol, initial commit

parent 1e05cb70
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#ifndef __ERTM14_UART_LINK_H
#define __ERTM14_UART_LINK_H
#include <stdint.h>
struct simple_uart_device;
struct uart_packet
uint8_t ptype;
uint16_t length;
uint8_t payload[ ERTM14_MAX_UART_LINK_PAYLOAD ];
struct uart_link
int (*send_byte)(struct uart_link *link, uint8_t byte );
int (*recv_byte)(struct uart_link *link );
uint32_t (*get_ms_tics)( struct uart_link *link );
void *priv;
int state;
int rx_count;
uint16_t rx_crc, check_crc;
uint32_t rx_last_tics;
struct uart_packet rx_packet;
#ifdef __linux__
int uart_link_create_linux( struct uart_link *link, const char* dev_name, int speed );
int uart_link_close_linux( struct uart_link *link );
int uart_link_create_wrpc_console( struct uart_link *link );
int uart_link_create_wrpc_suart( struct uart_link *link, struct simple_uart_device *uart_dev );
int uart_link_reset( struct uart_link *link );
int uart_link_send( struct uart_link* link, struct uart_packet* pkt );
int uart_link_recv( struct uart_link* link, struct uart_packet **pkt, int timeout_ms );
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